THE STELLAR LIGHTHOUSE: "astronomy under the clouds"
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I was born in 1964, Father of 3 sons (David,Miguel and Sergio) and happily married with Raquel..

Actually I´m a self-employer,managing some shops...but my real professional trayectory is University Degree in Merchant Navy. First Officer and Pilot .Specialist in  tank-ships ,sailing through  Mediterranean Sea, North Europe, Atlantic Sea, Brasilian coast...These old nautical days, with astronomical positional calculations ..were my first real contact with Astronomy and lately with astrophotography..´

Other hobbies: Ham-Radio (callsign EA1IW)..Communications through satellite amateur series ("O.S.C.A.R" ) ,radiotelegraphy,...


  • My first astrophotography...
  • Legend: April,4th,2006
  • Unguided. 30 seconds .Zenithstar FD 80mm * SXV-H9
  • M57 "Ring nebula" (Lyra)    



 Satellite Ham Radio antennas (144Mhz-430Mhz-1269 Mhz-2400 Mhz ) AMSAT-EA member


I`m member of the "Agrupación Astronómica de Cantabria" (ASTROCANTABRIA)


Published & granted images for educational purposes


* Published image in ASA calendar 2015 (PDF)  (May) (click)


*" Celestial Delights : The Best Astronomical Events Through 2020" (Third Edition)

Auth: Francis Reddy

Edit: Springer Science+Business Media LLC 2012 


ISSN 1431-9756

ISBN 978-1-4614-0609-9           Library of Congress Control Number: 2011936392



* "Popular Astronomy": Explore the Universe from your Backyard  (2011 Edition) (Sky&Telescope)

   Edit: Sky&Telescope media LLC


* Published images in ASA Calendar 2011 (PDF)  ( April and December ) (click)



Auth: Prof. Harm Habing

Edit: Uitgeverij Veen Magazines B.V,Netherlands

ISBN: 9789085711193



* "Astronomie-Astrophysik-Kosmologie" Vol.11

"Handbuch der Experimentalphysik  Sekundarstufe

Co-auth: Prof. Werner Pfau

Ed: Aulis-Verlog, Köln



* TV Audiovisual: * " The Universe" . The History Channel

Episode "It fell from space" .  September 2009

Flight 33 Productions



* ESO- Gigagalaxy project

European Southern Observatory


* Pacific Science Center,Planetarium

Alice Enevoldsen (Planetarium specialist)

200 2nd Ave N ,Seattle WA 98019

USA   , 2008


*Tyndale University College

Douglas Hayhoe

Associate Professor of Education

Toronto,Ontario,Canada ,2009


* "Philip Allan Updates"

Hodder education group

Image database

UK   , 2008


* F.S. Skills Councils

F.Chua. Head of research 

London ,UK



* SoVeRa (Southern Vermont Astronomy Group)

Mr Claudio Veliz -(President)



* "La Revista de Cantabria"


ED. Caja Cantabria

nº130. January-March 2008.

ISSN: 1888-5381


* "Estela"


nº 140. November-December 2008

Agrupación Astronómica Cántabra

Dep. legal: SA-29-190












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